Future today. Tomorrow standard.


The new fully automatic coffee machine. The NIVO 8000

Excellent taste and easy to use. The new 8000 series from NIVONA takes coffee enjoyment to a new level. And it's also a visual eye-catcher: clear shapes and a high-quality feel give these two models a modern design. The 8000 series includes the NIVO 8'101 in matt black and the NIVO 8'103 in elegant titanium.

Definitely The Tastiest Coffee

Durable and Sustainable

Patented System


Most advanced brewing technology for special coffee moments

The new brewing unit is designed to get even more out of the over 800 different flavors of coffee. And all of this is very easy and requires no prior knowledge at the push of a button. The Aroma Balance System helps here: the preset brewing profiles bring out different aromas of the beans and thus enable individual coffee enjoyment - almost like a barista.


A fully automatic coffee machine, numerous possibilities

The NIVO 8000 reaches you with 6 preset coffee specialties: espresso, coffee, Americano, cappuccino, café au lait and latte macchiato - all customizable in strength, quantity, temperature and aroma profile. Under “My Coffee” you also have storage space for your own coffee variations. And if you can't have coffee? The NIVO also provides you with hot water for tea and frothed milk for cocoa.


For more from every bean!

Have a direct influence on the brewing process with the Aroma Balance System. The 5 selectable aroma profiles bring the full variety out of every bean - for every individual taste.

The taste

cappuccino like from the barista

The barista pours a perfectly brewed espresso with light, creamy milk foam - not the other way around, as many fully automatic coffee machines prepare a cappuccino. We say: It's a matter of taste. That's why we give you the choice: Thanks to our Cappuccino Connoisseur, you can decide whether the coffee or the milk goes into the cup first. Your taste decides.


Always stay clean!

The closed brewing group of the 8000 series ensures that the inside is cleaner than ever before, making it easier for you to clean the fully automatic coffee machine. At the same time, the brewing unit is designed so that it is easy to clean: simply remove it and rinse it under running water.

Turn, press, enjoy

One rule applies to the operating concept of our fully automatic coffee machines:
handling should be as simple and intuitive as possible. That's why the 8000
series only needs one button. You can turn this to get to the coffee specialty you
want and press it to start dispensing. And to enjoy? Luckily, no technology is
required - it works without a button.

Clever engineering

What's new inside: RomaticaPlus brewing unit, brushless motor, planetary gear and ceramic-free multi-way valve for reliable coffee enjoyment. And of course with everything else that makes a NIVONA fully automatic coffee machine.

The future of the fully automatic coffee machine

The 8000 series stands for progress. In design and comfort. But above all in the taste. This will even convince fully automatic coffee machine skeptics - take a look for yourself:


Exclusively in specialist shops

In our almost 20 years as a manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, one thing has been important to us: satisfied customers. We want every customer to find exactly their NIVONA with us. And that's why our fully automatic machines are only available from specialist retailers. And our new coffee machine too.


Who actually is NIVONA?

As a medium-sized company from Nuremberg, we see ourselves as the friendly alternative on the large market for fully automatic coffee machines. Since our first series in 2005, our focus has been on coffee enjoyment. That's why we continue to develop our series: more intuitive to use, easier to clean, more efficient in aroma extraction. Everyone should have the opportunity to make really good coffee. That is our mission.

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