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The new Cube 4: Our coffee machine.This is how you make coffee now

Simply good coffee! The CUBE 4' is the modern way of making coffee. For coffee and espresso. No frills. Without compromises. Here we combine the technology of fully automatic coffee machines and portafilters with the compactness of a capsule machine. The advantages of the three most popular forms of coffee preparation - combined in a small coffee machine.

Click Cup

Durable and Sustainable

Patented System

Freshness Beans

Automatic Tamper


Grind and brewin in one device

Similar to a fully automatic coffee machine, the CUBE 4' has an integrated grinder - despite its manageable size. In contrast to the coffee-at-the-press-button principle of a fully automatic coffee machine, here you take your coffee into your own hands: After the grinding process, the innovative Click Cup must be removed from the grinder (on the left of the device) and placed in the brewing device (on the right of the device). be used. Here the CUBE 4' takes on the characteristics of a portafilter and thus rounds off the feeling of the coffee ritual. Every morning. And the whole rest of the day.





The Taste

Really good coffee freshly ground and sustainable

Don't isolate yourself: Thanks to the integrated grinder, the CUBE 4' only works with the
full aroma of freshly ground coffee. This means you are not dependent on a specific
system like with a capsule machine, but can use exactly the coffee beans that you love.
The Cube 4' extracts the aromas from your coffee beans like a portafilter - in a small,
compact format.


Coffee like it comes from a portafilter- only without portafilter

The CUBE 4' delivers a perfectly coordinated result. No matter whether it's a large coffee or a small espresso. No matter whether intense or mild. The intelligent tamper function gives you barista quality at the touch of a button. Without prior knowledge. With every cup.


Intelligent Tamper function

The CUBE 4' has automatic tamping and brewing pressure adjustment, which optimally adapts these processes to the ground material. Using this technology, the CUBE 4' enables precise and consistent extraction with every coffee brew - and thus gets the best out of the over 800 aromas of the coffee bean.

Individual and diverse

Discover coffee in a new way the aroma balance system

The Aroma Balance System enables the highest level of aroma and at the same time ideal extraction. Sounds complicated? Is not it. You can use three different brewing profiles to determine how the water flows through the ground coffee powder. This means you can experience different flavor profiles with one type of coffee. There is the right coffee for everyone here.

Full control over your coffee


Grinding quantities


Coffee quantities


Aroma profiles

The CUBE 4' - more than just a coffee machine

“When are we going to meet for coffee again?” - Coffee is much more than a drink. It accompanies us through hectic mornings and leisurely afternoons. Through time with friends and through moments just for ourselves. Coffee fits into every everyday life and every situation - just like the CUBE 4':


Click. Click. Clean!

Discover the revolutionary Click Cup - the clever solution for effortlessly ejecting and disposing of pomace. Simply turn the lower part of the click cup - until you hear the characteristic clicking sound - and screw the coffee grounds upwards. Formed into a solid puck, it can be easily removed. No more tedious tapping out, no more cumbersome emptying and washing out. The pomace is ejected cleanly with just one hand and can be disposed of. For a comfortable and time-saving coffee experience.
But not only disposing of the pomace, but also the general cleaning of the Cube 4' is child's play: The removable brewing chamber in the form of the Click Cup means that no contamination can occur inside the device. Only the descaling of the device and the cleaning of the Click Cup are required at regular intervals. If this is the case, the Cube 4' automatically indicates this. And of course it also has the appropriate cleaning programs that only take a few minutes.

Clever engineering

Small but mighty! With an integrated grinder, new brewing unit, separate brewing chamber (click cup), intelligent tamper function and aroma balance system, the Cube 4' has everything you need for outstandingly good coffee and espresso. And of course with everything else that makes a NIVONA coffee machine.


Delicious espresso and coffee - in every size

From 20 ml to 240 ml, from Ristretto to Caffè Grande - and everything in between. You decide the size of your coffee - the Cube 4' ensures perfect preparation. Adjust your coffee exactly to your cup with live programming. How? To start the cup, simply press the cup symbol in the display until the cup starts. And if you have enough quantity, simply press the cup symbol again to stop - the new quantity is saved.


Exclusively in specialist shops

In our almost 20 years as a manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, one thing has been important to us: satisfied customers. We want every customer to find exactly their NIVONA with us. And that's why our fully automatic machines are only available from specialist retailers. And our new coffee machine too.


Who actually is NIVONA?

As a medium-sized company from Nuremberg, we see ourselves as the friendly alternative on the large market for fully automatic coffee machines. Since our first series in 2005, our focus has been on coffee enjoyment. That's why we continue to develop our series: more intuitive to use, easier to clean, more efficient in aroma extraction. Everyone should have the opportunity to make really good coffee. That is our mission.

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