Both models in the 6-series are little all-rounders. Not only can they make coffee and espresso at the touch of a button; if you ever want cappuccino, it’s easy to make using the control knob next to the display. Open the milk valve and enjoy!

Like it comes from the barista, with a special twist.

Thanks to the new SPUMATORE: milk froth for cappuccino that is even creamier than with previous models.

A dream made of milk froth

The 6-series stands out for its easy use. Simply press and enjoy, so that you have time for the things that are really important.

Made for shared coffee moments

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Product highlights in the 6er-series

Getting started with the flavour technology

Both models in the 6-series have the Aroma Balance System, so that you can directly make a different to the brewing process with three profiles. There are over 800 different flavours in every coffee bean. That makes coffee one of the most complex foodstuffs in this field. With the Aroma Balance System, you have the barista standing right in your kitchen. At the touch of a button, you decide: do you prefer coffee like it comes from a filter machine? Or espresso like it comes from the portafilter? The three profiles make it possible.

Milk froth dream with buttons

Cappuccino like on a short break in Italy: the manual EASY SPUMATORE makes it possible. Whereas both the previous models moved the cups back and forth, the coffee and milk froth here come directly from the outlet, with improved technology! Compared with the previous machines in this series, the milk froth is even creamier and finer, which is of course also dependent on the milk that you use. But there is good news: whether soya milk or pea milk, if you have the barista edition, you can use any of the alternative to cows’ milk in your NIVONA with no problem.

Cleaner quicker

We keep working all the time – as do operation and cleaning. Everything should be self-explanatory (although there is of course no need for you to do without the operating instructions), but there is no need for long tutorials or inductions before you can enjoy your coffee. To make it even better, in the 6-series we have optimised the descaling process; compared with previous models, you will save almost 15 minutes.