NICR 520 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine

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Experience the pleasure of savoring exquisite coffee concoctions in the comfort of your home, all with a single press of a button! The sophisticated Nivona coffee machine is here to revolutionize your coffee-making routine forever!


For those who relish coffee beverages enriched with milk, we've introduced a specially designed, professional Cappuccino feature known as the "Spumatore." This feature guarantees that every milk-infused coffee beverage is adorned with luscious and velvety milk froth. Our "Aromatica System" with a 15-bar pressure system extracts coffee's finest qualities, ensuring you savor the flawless cup of coffee.

The coffee machine boasts an integrated 2.2-liter water reservoir, a 250-gram coffee bean compartment, and a chamber for ground coffee. The height-adjustable coffee dispenser accommodates even taller coffee cups, accommodating heights up to 14 cm. The digital screen conveniently displays all notifications from the coffee machine.

Furthermore, the coffee machine incorporates an automatic water level sensor, always keeping you informed when water levels are running low.


With this remarkable coffee machine, you can select your preferred grind level. Simply pick your desired grind level, and relax as the remarkably quiet, long-lasting, integrated, cone-shaped steel grinder takes care of the task. And there's more! Both the coffee temperature and strength are adjustable across three levels, enabling every coffee enthusiast to craft their ideal beverage by fine-tuning the parameters to suit their taste.


The coffee machine includes integrated maintenance programs that eliminate residue and rinse the system after each beverage preparation. The easily detachable brewing unit ensures the highest standards of hygiene are maintained.

Once the unit is powered down, the ECO mode ensures zero energy consumption.

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NICR 520 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine

Bean container size

For approx. 250 grams of coffee beans

For approx. 250 grams coffee beans

For approx. 250 grams of coffee beans

Removable water tank (capacity)

2.2 liter

2,2 Liter

2.2 liter





Adjustable coffee quantity

(approx. 20 ml – 240 ml)

(approx. 20 ml – 240 ml)

(about 20ml - 240ml)

Adjustable coffee strength

In 3 stages

In 3 levels

In 3 stages


Enjoy coffee like from your favourite Coffee Shop

Easy & Comfortable

Operate with ease with touch of a button

Made in Switzerland

Sustainable and high quality

Easy cleaning

Easy and quick cleaning